Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ

About accommodation

Q. Is Wi-Fi provided?

A. All rooms are available wifi internet.

Q. Can I move in immediately after entering to Japan?

A. Since it is a monthly rental condominium or private lodging facility, you can move in only after the result of negative Covid-19 test. If positive, please check this cancellation policy.

Q. Do you have furniture and home appliances?

A. All rooms are furnished with home appliances. The furniture and home appliances installed in each room are different.

Q. What kind of people are in the facility?

A. It varies depending on the room, but it varies depending on other temporary returnees and business travelers.

Q. How do I receive the key?

A. It depends on the room, but most of the rooms are self-check-in with a lockbox or smart key.

Q. What should I do for the check-in procedure?

A. For those who are under isolation quarantine after returning to Japan is no need to do the check -in procedure on the tablet set in the room.

Q. Is there a daily room cleaning service?

A. We basically refrain from contact during the isolation period, so please clean it yourself during your stay. We will perform cleaning before moving in and after moving out.


Q. Is disinfection be done daily?

A. As with the above cleaning, please do it yourself.

Q. How do you disinfect and sterilize?

A. We use alcohol sterilization and hypochlorous acid for cleaning, and not only clean the entire room, but also sterilize places that customers touch, such as remote controls and doorknobs.

Q.What are the amenities?

A. We have general daily necessities such as hand soap, body soap and shampoo. When the remaining amount is exhausted, please purchase it by yourself.

Q. Are there any rooms where smoking is allowed?

A. Some rooms allow smoking, but basically smoking is prohibited.

Q. Are there rooms where pets are allowed?

A. There are some rooms where pets are allowed.

Q. What should I do with garbage?

A. Please go to the garbage dump in each room on the day of the week set by the area. You can leave garbage in the room when you leave.

Q. What time to check-in?

A. Please check in after 3pm. Early check-in option is available.

Q. When is the check-out time?

A. Please check out by 10:00am.

Q. How to check out?

A. Please lock the entrance and return the key to the place where it was originally (key box, etc.). Please be careful not to forget to turn off or stop electricity, gas, and water. Please be sure to contact to us when you move out.